Major Felony Offenses

Murder. Sexual Assault. Kidnapping. Robbery. Multiple-count felony cases. Serious cases that carry serious amounts of incarceration. Hopefully you and your loved ones will never be the accused or the victim of any serious crimes. If you should find yourself, or someone you care about, in this type of predicament then you need to choose your attorney very carefully.

With Almase Law, our attorneys  help you with these most serious of cases. They will counsel you on every aspect and on every issue in your case. They will guide you through all the evidence, personally conduct interviews with witnesses, visit the scene of the alleged crime, and answer all your questions. You reap the benefit of them working together, and with you. Whether you decide to enter a guilty plea or go forward with trial, they will make absolutely sure that every aspect of your case is fully explored and you know exactly what to expect. It doesn’t get any more serious than facing numerous years, if not life, in prison. Almase Law understands, and will help you to the utmost.

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