Drug Related Offenses

Nevada is a hotbed for drugs. It was named a high-risk area for drug trafficking in 2001, and the drug problem has only gotten worse since then. In fact, according to the Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, 13 percent of Nevada’s inhabitants are addicted to drugs. Las Vegas, with its Strip and 24-hour casinos and bars, can be particularly problematic for people who can’t help themselves. Prescription drug abuse is also rampant in our city, and smoke shops openly sell synthetic drugs on almost every corner. In this environment, it’s no wonder so many drug crimes are committed in the Las Vegas valley. Drugs make people do things they wouldn’t otherwise do, and when drugs are so readily available, even good people can get caught up in the vicious cycle. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced Las Vegas criminal lawyer that has tried hundreds of drug related offenses.

Unfortunately, being convicted of a drug-related offense can ruin you. Not only could you face up to 15 years in prison and as much as $500,000 in fines, but employers may be reluctant to hire you for the rest of your life. If you are convicted of drug trafficking, you will be ineligible for probation and certain drug counseling programs, such as District Court Drug Court. Nevada drug laws are complex, and the penalties very harsh.

If you are facing this type of case, Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers at Almase Law can help you. With years of experience in Nevada law, we have defended countless people just like you. We have litigated numerous drug cases ranging from simple possession for personal use to high level drug trafficking. We have successfully litigated issues particular to drug cases, such as suppression of evidence and illegal search and seizure. Whether you decide to negotiate your case or go to trial, we will be there to fight to get you the very best result possible.

Even if you have already been arrested, we will personally meet with you, discuss all aspects of your case, and ensure that your paperwork is properly processed. We will vigorously pursue avenues for defense, investigating whether police performed warrantless searches, participated in an entrapment, or violated your Miranda rights. We will also explore other defense options, such as whether the drugs were out of your control and whether you possessed them unintentionally. We will never send our legal assistant to do what we should do, but will make sure a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer is there whenever you need one.

We will not abandon you once your case is over, either. If you truly desire to get treatment for your addiction, we will help you get it.

We will assist you in finding a rehabilitation program, and we will get you into Drug Court, if you qualify. As our client, we care about your future. We don’t want to see it ruined by drugs.

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