Representing People Who Visit Las Vegas

DUI AttorneyQ.  A few weeks ago, I got caught in a club with a little marijuana and cocaine.  After I bailed out, I was given a court date for March.  I live in LA and was told I had to come back for court or else a bench warrant would be issued.  Is that right?  Can I get a lawyer to handle it for me so I don’t have to come back to Vegas?

A.  Thanks for the email.  This is a pretty common question.  Most of the time, I can appear on behalf of an out-of-state client, and depending on the circumstances can arrange for a resolution of the case, without my client ever having to come back to Las Vegas.  Based on what you wrote, you will probably be charged with one felony count and one misdemeanor count of Possession of Controlled Substance, for the cocaine and marijuana.  It sounds like your court date in March is for arraignment and most judges won’t require that a defendant be in court at arraignment if that person is represented by an attorney.  If there is an issue with the prosecution of your case, such as the performance of an illegal search of your person, we may want to fight this case.  However, such an issue could result in a very favorable resolution of the case, which might include waiving any future court appearance by you.  Also, whether you have any prior criminal history will be a factor in whether we decide to fight or negotiate your case.

I’m happy to spend more time going over the particular legal and factual issues of your case.  Please email or call me at the office to discuss your situation in more detail.