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Casino Markers

Casino Markers

Casino Marker Cases And Other Crimes of Fraud Gambling is the lifeblood of Las Vegas. Billions of dollars pass through the casinos in a single year. Sometimes a person gets the better of the casino, but more often than not, the odds fall in favor of the casino. Sometimes when a person’s finances are pushed to the limit, a casino marker gets signed, and if the marker isn’t paid, a criminal case is filed. Find out more

Drug Offenses

Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers at Almase Law can help you. With years of experience in Nevada law, we have defended countless people just like you. We have litigated numerous drug cases ranging from simple possession for personal use to high level drug trafficking. We have successfully litigated issues particular to drug cases, such as suppression of evidence and illegal search and seizure. Whether you decide to negotiate your case or go to trial, we will be there to fight to get you the very best result possible. Find out more

Felony Offenses

Serious cases that carry serious amounts of incarceration. Hopefully you and your loved ones will never be the accused or the victim of any serious crimes. If you should find yourself, or someone you care about, in this type of predicament then you need to choose your attorney very carefully. Find out more